VoteOhio is a nonpartisan organization focused on modernizing and securing our elections, while ensuring that all Ohioans have access to their right to vote. Launched in 2018, VoteOhio seeks to achieve meaningful improvements to the voting process to make sure that every Ohioan who is allowed to vote can vote.

As part of this mission, VoteOhio engages in several key activities across the state:

  • Develop and advocate for legislation to improve our voting system. Our organization’s primary goal is to modernize the voter registration process in Ohio. Using technology-based solutions, we can streamline and clean our voting lists, while also allowing eligible voters to more readily participate in the electoral process. Reforms that remove the bureaucracy and waste in the voter registration process—such as automatic voter registration verification, same-day voter registration, and online registration and ballot requests for active-duty military—are at the top of our list.

  • Educate members of the community on voting rights. Significant changes have been made to improve voter registration in this state, yet the process remains vague and complicated, even to informed voters. VoteOhio works with community organizations to help educate potential voters on how to register and vote.

  • Assisting citizens to register to vote. VoteOhio works directly with traditionally under-served and under-represented communities to assist in and promote voter registration through registration drives.


We are a group of politically engaged Ohioans who are invested in Ohio’s future. We include healthcare and education professionals, veterans, farmers, and more. We seek to be as diverse as Ohio is, and welcome any who wish to engage in our work. Learn how to get involved.